Entrada a la Alhambra con audioguía de Granada y el monumento
  • Ticket for the Alhambra with an audio guide of the Alhambra and of Granada

    This is what you need if you come to visit the Alhambra and you also want to explore the city. A downloadable audio guideis included in your ticket for the Alhambra. It will help you visit both the monument and the city.

    During your visit to the Alhambra you have access to the following areas included in the price:
    • The Alcazaba
    • The Nasrid Palaces
    • Palace of Charles V
    • The Generalife

    Audio guide features
    • Audio guide of the Alhambra and of Granada.
    •     Detailed information regarding all the monuments in the city and the different areas of the Alhambra.
    •   You can use it offline, so you do not need an Internet connection.
    • Detailed map of the Alhambra.

    We also have an audio guide for children, where they can listen to the tale of the Red Castle. They will learn about the history of the Alhambra through the most important historical figures: Charles V, King Boabdil... The app has many educational games and tests for them so they do not lose interest during the visit.

    Information about the tour

    Depending on the ticket option you buy you will be able to download the audio guide from Google Play or we can lend you a tablet or smartphone with it already installed so you can use it during your tour.

    You can collect your ticket on the day of the visit from 08.30 to 09.00 at the Alhambra Visitor Center and the Granavisión Meeting Point ((Welcome Visitor Center)) next to the monument and car park nº1 of the Alhambra. Remember that your allocated time for your visit to the Nasrid Palaces is indicated on your ticket.

    Depending on the type of ticket you chose you will be provided with an audio guide:
    • If have chosen to download the app on your mobile:
    1.     Access Google Play, search for "Audioguía Granada con GPS Granavision" app and install it.
    2. Once you have installed it, go to the app and validate it with the email address you used when booking and the booking code..
    • If you rather we provided you with a smartphone or tablet you can collect it at the Welcome Visitor Center along with your ticket for the Alhambra. 

    What is included?

    • Access to all of the Alhambra
      This includes the Nasrid Palaces.

    • AChildren's story Audio guide: The Red Castle (Depending on your ticket)
      Available in Spanish and English for your Android device. Suitable for: 4-11 year olds.
      You can also buy it for your iPhone device in the AppStore.
    • Audio guide of Granada (Depending on your ticket)
      Available in Spanish and English for your Android smartphone.

    • Audio guide of the Alhambra (Depending on your ticket)
      Available on Google Play in 5 languages (Spanish, English, French, German and Italian).
      You can also buy it for your iPhone device in the AppStore.

    Audio guide Lite version

    Should you wish to try out our audio guide free of charge, click on the following links and find the Lite version and some samples:

    Audio guide of Granada and the Alhambra

    Children's story: The Red Castle

    Available languages

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